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  2. nature/road shots

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    colorful skies

  4. silhouettes of trees

  5. Unprocessed photos from over two years ago.

    I’ve been going through my external hard drive (which has a cord messing up and proves to be a pretty big problem when transferring files from it to my laptop) and finding pictures I took from back when I was fifteen and sixteen. A lot of them seem unnecessary looking back, but I’ve found some really nice ones here and there that I am still proud of.

  6. I forgot how difficult adjusting lighting settings can really be on this camera. it seems it and I have a bit of a disagreement as to what a properly exposed photo is supposed to look like. What it considers “0” on the exposure meter is always at least a little too bright for me, so nearly every photo I take is a little under-exposed. Maybe it’s right and I just light my photos slightly darker, I don’t know.

    Despite what issues I have with it, I still really like this camera and it has served me well for nearly three years. I still hope to be able to afford a good, inexpesnsive DSLR someday (the Canon Rebel t3i has been reduced drastically in price) but for now this one still does well. Taking shots with actual cameras may be tedious, but it is a lot more rewarding than doing so on cell phones.

  7. 2013

  8. Just messing a bit with dim lighting.

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